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New freebie, Halloween 2016: the Squeaky Chair!

The Squeaky Chair is a rare musical instrument and that’s a good thing. It’s really hard to play and it never sounds good, although my student Gabriel Calis did a great job performing for this sample library.

This particular Squeaky Chair is a rotating stool type and the screw thread hasn’t been greased in its whole life. It only has one pitch, the highest A in the virtual version. I mapped it over 5 octaves.

It’s definitely one of the most ugly sounds you will have in your computer and it’s unpredictable like the real thing. I hope you find some use for it!

It works in Kontakt, GarageBand, Logic and free SFZ players like Sforzando.

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Kontakt will ask for the “Sea Trumpets Plate” file, it’s in the “Sea Trumpets free” zip. The Squeaky Chair will work without the Plate file if you click “skip” if you don’t want to download the Sea Trumpets Free.

You don’t know what you got till it’s gone.

You don’t know what you get if you’ve never had it either!

The problem with quality is you need to use a product, turn it inside out and upside down and give it a good shake before you know if it’s worth your money. That’s why software companies offer demo’s, usually with restrictions like time limits or disabled functionality.

I want you to have a free version of the 80s EP FM and the Sea Trumpets! They’re like low resolution versions of the full products, with the same options, just with less samples. No restrictions!

Only works with the FULL version of Kontakt 3.5, 4 or 5 or SFZ players like the free Plogue Sforzando. In the FREE Kontakt Player it will only work for 30 minutes. The SFZ/EXS version of the 80s EP FM 140 has presets for Logic/GarageBand, Halion and Reaktor.

In the 80s EP FM demo below you’ll hear the same MIDI file performed by my Yamaha TX802 module, by the Pro version with pure samples, the Pro version with coloured samples, the free 140 sample version and finally the same preset in FM8.

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