Fool proof method to cloning plugin EQ curves | Q-Clone

Did you know you can monitor and clone EQ curves of plugins with Waves Q-Clone? You can use this method to put Q-Clone in a plugin chain and use curves of a number of EQs in real time, without the distortions, noise and other non-linear properties.

Create a 96kHz project for the best clones. Please note that not all plugins support 96kHz though.
Create an empty mono channel, feed it to a buss.
Make the buss mono if it isn't yet.
Feed the buss to itself.
Add Q-Capture in the second slot or further down.
Arm the channel for recording.
Q-Capture should move its meters.
Press start if nothing happens, press stop.
Add Q-Clone to a channel you need to equalise.
Put an EQ or another plugin you want to test or clone in the slot before Q-Capture.
You can add more plugins to combine them in one curve as well.
Press the 'Capture' button in Q-Clone.
Play the track and start tweaking the EQ.

Download this guide:

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